Lists of All Kinds

Create Your Own Personal Lists

Best Friends

Movie Favourites

Things To Do Before You Retire

Things To Do When You Retire

Things To Do Before You Turn 50

Things To Do Whenever …

Favourite Job

Worst Job

Favourite TV Shows

Where You Have Lived (addresses)

Where You Would Like to Live

Where You Would Never Live

First Kiss

First Boy/Girl Friend

Favourite School Subject

Favourite School Teacher

Things You Would Like To Do Over

Things You Wish You Hadn’t Done

Things You Wish You Could Do

I Would Like To Meet (alive, dead, real, not real)

I Can’t Do Without

Favourite Season

Vacations I Would Like to Take

You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough To …

Things I Would Do For Free

Language I Would Like Learn

Things I Would Like To Know

Books I Would Like To Read

Favourite Book(s)

Book(s) I Couldn’t Finish

People I Don’t Care To See Again

Best Party

How You Want Your Funeral Arranged

Favourite Politician

Least Favourite Politician


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Lists Keep Us Living

A list is defined as “a number of connected items, names, etc. written or printed together, usually consecutively, to form a record or aid to memory”.

This blog is dedicated to all kinds of lists. Some are just lists and some contain commentaries which might be considered spoilers. Read them carefully.

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