Lists of All Kinds


  • People who go slow in high speed traffic lanes and won’t move over.
  • Typos, spelling mistakes, bad grammar by business people writing emails, blogs, twitter and regular mail.
  • People who can’t park properly between the lines in parking lots.
  • People who park too close to the driver’s door making it hard to get out of the car without hitting their car.
  • People who don’t come to a full stop at all-way, 3-way and any stop sign.
  • People who don’t signal a lane change until they have actually changed lanes.
  • Tailgaters. Especially those in low speed areas.
  • Techies without people skills.
  • People who go slower than posted speeds, especially on highways.
  • People who think they are marketing/advertising experts.
  • Church groups knocking on my door asking if I have let God into my life.
  • Old people (anyone) butting in line.
  • Seniors pushing in line when it isn’t moving.
  • Alex Trebek constantly correcting pronunciation of words for contestants.
  • Jeopardy contestants being allowed to just give a last name instead of a complete name as an answer.
  • Garbage/recycling scavengers.
  • Small type in newspapers and magazines.
  • Small type on glossy paper.
  • People who line up in the 8 items (express) or less lane with too many items and the cashiers who let them.
  • Lack of municipal weed control.
  • People who park wherever they like.
  • Tailgating truckers, especially Ford 150s.
  • Windows tinted so dark you can’t see the driver.
  • People who finish other people’s sentences for them. Are they mind readers?
  • People who start talking to someone else after they asked you a question and you started to answer.
  • Made in China.
  • Losing golf balls.
  • Unsupervised children in restaurants.
  • Guns.
  • Jihadists.
  • People who ring the doorbell then start knocking as if the bell doesn’t work.
  • People who ring, ring, ring the doorbell.
  • Crying babies on airplanes. They should have a special section.
  • People who say ‘youse’ instead of ‘you’. You is the plural of you.
  • Large blocks of copy in newspapers and magazines without headlines or subheads. Comics never in the same part of the paper from day to day.
  • Servers who say “do you want change” instead of “I will bring you your change”
  • Telemarketers.
  • People who let their dogs bark longer than a few minutes. Jack Russell terriers are the worst.
  • Lima beans.
  • Windows Vista.
  • Politicians who never give a straight answer to a question. That would be all of them. It’s always a spin.
  • Traffic circles.
  • Store alarms that go off for no reason when you leave the store. Makes you feel like a criminal especially when  everyone looks at you.
  • People who enter stores by the clearly marked Exit entrance.
  • People who leave their outdoor Christmas lights and decorations up all year.

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Obits 2014

Maya Angelou
Richard Attenborough
James Avery (Fresh Prince)
Bill Ballard
Bill Barclay
Marion Barry
Jean Beliveau
Polly Bergen
Gary Bettenhausen
Acker Bilk
Jack Brabham
Ben Bradlee
James Brady
David Brenner
Al Bruno
Sid Caesar
Hurricane Carter
Corporal Nathan Cirilllo
Joe Cocker
Ann B. Davis
Oscar De la Renta
Ruby Dee
Peter Desbarats
‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier
Phil Everly
Jim Flaherty
Eileen Ford
Jim Fregosi
James Garner
Gerry Goffin
Herb Gray
Edward Greenspan
Tony Gwynn
Dan Heap
Edward Hermann
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Jan Hooks
Bob Hoskins
P.D. James
Russell Johnson (Professor on Gilligan’s Island
Casey Kasem
Richard Kiel
Ralph Kiner
Jim Lange
Glen Larsen
Joe MacInnis
Sheila MacRae
Dave Madden
Larry D. Mann
Johnny Mann
Paul Mazursky
Denny Miller
Earl Morrall
Farley Mowat
Knowlton Nash
Mike Nichols
Chuck Noll
Diane Nyland
Don Pardo
Pat Quinn
Harold Ramis
Luise Ranier
Paul Revere
Mandy Rice Davies
Joan Rivers
Mickey Rooney
Jimmy Ruffin
Pete Seeger
Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Ariel Sharon
Edward Shevardnadze
Donald Sinden
Bill Stevenson
Marcia Strassman
Elaine Stritch
Carol Ann Sussi
Mesach Taylor
Shirley Temple
Nash The Slash
Dick Thornton
Jay Traynor
Frank Udvari
Garrick Utley
Jerry Vale
Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent
Maria von Trapp
Ralph Waite
Eli Wallach
Bob Welch
Robin Williams
Gordon Willis
Ralph Wilson
Johnny Winter
Nobby Wirkowski
Patrice Wymore
Harry Yates
Louis Zamperini
Effrem Zimbalist Jr.
Don Zimmer

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Amelia Earhart
Amy Winehouse
Big Bopper
Bob Crane
Bob Marley
Bobby Darrin
Bobby Kennedy
Buddy Holly
Cass Elliott
Chris Farley
Cory Monteith
Elvis Presley
George Gipp
George Harrison
Heath Ledger
James Dean
Janis Joplin
Jim Croce
Jim Flaherty
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
John Belushi
John Candy
John Kennedy Jr.
John Lennon
Knute Rockne
Kurt Kobain
Marilyn Monroe
Marvin Gaye
Michael Jackson
Otis Redding
Paul Walker
Princess Diana
Richie Valens
Rick Nelson
River Phoenix
Robin Williams
Roy Orbison
Sonny Bono
Steve Jobs
Whitney Houston






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