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Intervention by Robin Cook – Review (not worth spoiling)

This is not his best effort. Too many storylines with one promising one left unresolved in mid-book. Thought I was reading a poor man’s Da Vinci Code.

Heck, I am going to spoil it:

Dr. Jack Stapleton’s new son has neuroblastoma and the prognosis is not good. But the son is cured in the last few pages of  the book when Jack and his wife Laurie take him to a ‘healer’ in Israel. How and why they got there is up to you to read. But get the book at a library, don’t waste your money.

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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown – Review and Spoiler Alert

Review: waste of time and money. A decent mystery spoiled by way too much about symbolism and the Masons. His earlier novels were much better.

Spoiler: the bad guy Mal’ak is the son of Peter Solomon.

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Review and Spoiler Alert: The Apostle – Brad Thor

SPOILER ALERT Looks like Brad has run out of storylines for his hero Scott Harvath. This novel has two stories, neither of which are very satisfying. One has a Secret Service agent determining the President has a part in the drunk driving death of an aide and a family. She confronts him and forces him to resign. Scott never appeared in this storyline. The other has Scott being paid by the President’s key benefactor to travel to Afghanistan to kidnap a captured terrorist and trade him for her kidnapped daughter. He gets the terrorist then locates the daughter and frees her. A real time waster.

One wonders if he can bring his readers back with his next novel which should introduce a new President and bring us up to date with his girlfriend Tracy Hastings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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