Lists of All Kinds

Obits – 2010

“Dandy” Don Merideth (Football)
Alexander Haig (“I am in charge”)
Ann Prentiss (Actress)
Art Linkletter (Kids Say the Darndest Things, People Are Funny)
Arthur Penn (Film Director0
Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver)
Blake Edwards (Pink Panther)
Bob Feller (Baseball)
Bob Guiccione (Penthouse)
Bob Probert (Hockey)
Bobby Hebb (Singer)
Chris Haney (Trivial Pursuit)
Corey Haim (Actor)
Daniel Schorr (News Anchor)
Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider)
Dick Francis (Author)
Dino de Laurentis (Film Director)
Dorothy Provine (Actress)
Edwin Newman (News Anchor)
Elizabeth Edwards (Crusader)
Erich Segal (Love Story)
Ernie Davis (Football)
Ernie Harwell (Announcer)
Fess Parker (Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone)
Frank Rigney (Football)
Gary Coleman (Diffrent Strokes)
Gene Kiniski (Wrestler)
George Blanda (Football)
J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye)
Jackie Burroughs (Actress)
Jake Dunlap (Football)
James MacArthur (Bookem Dano)
Jean Simmons (Spartacus)
Jill Clayburgh (Actress)
Jimmy Dean (Big Bad John)
John Dankworth (Musician, married to Cleo Laine)
John Forsythe (Bachelor Father, Charlie’ Angels)
John Wooden (Basketball)
Johnny Sheffield (Boy)
June Havoc (Actress)
Kate McGarrigle (Singer)
Lena Horne (Jazz Singer0
Leslie Nielsen (Actor)
Lionel Jefferies (Actor)
Loreen Yarnell (Mime)
Louis Auchincloss
Lynn Redgrave (Actress)
Maureen Forrester (Opera)
Maury Chaykin (Actor)
Mitch Miller (Sing Along with Mitch)
Norman Wisdom (Actor)
Pat Burns (Hockey Coach)
Patricia Neal (Actress)
Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright, Bonanza)
Peter Graves (Mr. Phelps)
Ralph Houk (Baseball)
Rob McConnell (Boss Brass)
Robert Culp (I Spy)
Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls)
Simon MacCorkindale (Actor)
Sparky Anderson (Baseball)
Stephen J. Cannell (Author)
Steve Landesburg (Actor)
Teddy Pendergrass (Singer)
Tom Bosley (Mr. C)
Tom Brookshire
Tony Curtis (Actor)
Tony Proudfoot (Football)


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