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Slogans With “World” In Them

All around the world Westen Union
Around the world on ___ Dunlops
Building bicycles to take on the world Raleigh
Built to take on the world Ford Escort
Capturing the world’s imagination Pentax
Changing the way your feet feel about the world Keds
Changing the world one window at a time Hunter Douglas
Engineered like no other car in the world Mercedes Benz
First ’round the world Pan American
I’d like to teach the world to sing Coca Cola
It’s the world’s cup Colombian Coffee
Join the world in progress CBC Newsworld
Let us protect the world Hartford Insurance
Maker of the world’s first cordless electric tools Black & Decker
Making Canadians better known to Canadians and to the World Canadian Geographic
Number 1 with the toughest critics in the world RCA
Over the Atlantic and across the world British Overseas Airways
People expect the world of us Lufthansa
People expect the world of us Lufthansa
Puts the world in motion Parker
Shrinking the world Air Miles
Simply the best motorcar in the world Rolls Royce
Standard of the world Cadillac
Taste one of the great wonders of the world Great Wall Chinese Beer
Tea that means the world to you Red Rose
Technology the world calls on Northern Telecom
The best bodies in the world wear ____ Capezio
The best of all worlds all the world over Royal Viking Line
The centre of the world Turkey
The cheapest health insurance in the world Smith Brothers Cough Drops
The civilized way to the world Swissair
The gin of England and the world Gordon’s
The hardest working software in the world Lotus
The luggage that knows its way around the world Samsonite
The most accommodating people in the world Holiday Inn
The most asked for gin in the world Gordon’s
The most unforgettable women in the world wear ____ Revlon
The richest coffee in the world Colombian Coffee
The sole and heart of the world’s finest footwear Vibram
The world at business Koln Messe
The world is going our way Northwest Airlines
The world is yours with ____ The World Book
The world next door Canada
The world standard O.F.C
The world’s bestselling car Ford Escort
The world’s biggest toy store Toys ‘r Us
The world’s business daily. It works Wall Street Journal
The world’s driest gin since 1870 Fleischmann’s
The world’s express company DHL Worldwide
The world’s favorite airline British Airways
The world’s favourite raisin Sunmaid
The world’s largest air cargo carrier Pan Am
The world’s largest airline Air France
The world’s largest charter airline World Airways
The world’s most civilized oil Olive Oil
The world’s most civilized spirit Hennessy
The world’s most civilized spirit Hennesy Cognac
The world’s most famous collection of fine French wines B&G
The world’s most honored watch Longines
The world’s most important network CNN
The world’s most popular scotch Johnny Walker
The world’s most successful cars Chevrolet
The world’s news leader CNN
The world’s online marketplace eBay
We document the world Xerox
We fly the world the way the world wants to fly Pan Am
We take the world’s greatest pictures Nikon
We’re going to change the way you look at the world Finnair
What the world is watching Showcase
When you’re out to beat the world Converse
Where the world comes home CV Network
Where the world gets the word on marketing Ad Age
Work horse of the world Jeep
Working to be your choice to the world Continental Airlines
Your port to the world Winnipeg

August 20, 2009 - Posted by | Advertising Slogans

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