Lists of All Kinds

Vacation Memories

What’s a vacation without memories. More than photographs. Things to tell your friends. Here’s a starter list to keep a record of on your next adventure.

The Basics

·   Date

·  Where We Went

·  How We Got There

·  Where We Stayed


·  Daily Highlight

·  Daily Lowlight

·  Best Meal

·  Worst Meal

·  Biggest Disappointment

·  Biggest Surprise

·  Best Attraction

·  Worst Attraction

·  Most Annoying Thing

·  Most Annoying People/Person

·  Most Pleasant Thing

·  Best New Friend (s)

·  People We Never Want to See Again

·  People We Want as Friends Forever

·  Best Bar

·  Best Restaurant

·  Most Expensive Meal

·  Most Expensive Anything

·  Best Value

·  Worst Value

·  Best Day

·  Worst Day

·  Biggest Waste of Time

·  Didn’t Want to Leave

·  On A Cruise rate the Captain, your server, your stateroom

·  On a Guided Tour, rate your guide, the bus, etc.

January 9, 2009 - Posted by | Travel

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